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Solar Weather activity affecting Amateur Radio




Bellevue Amateur Radio Club

Plattsmouth Amateur Radio Club - ''Plattsmouth, Bellevue and surrounding area''

Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club - ''Omaha and surrounding area''

3900 Club (HF Radio Group - ''Midwest, mostly Iowa - Nebraska.''

Nebraska/Iowa Promote the Band Club - ''W-NE E-IA surrounding area.''

Story County Amateur Radio Club - ''including Ames Ia.''

Pawnee Amateur Radio Club - ''including Columbus Ne.''

Nebraska Tricity Amateur Radio Club - ''including Scottsbluff Ne.'' This link is for watching Tropo conditions This link is for checking which bands are open and to where This link is for checking the solar conditions/space weather This link is for checking your moonrise and moonset time for your location This link is to a good chat group for various regions & bands This link is to a chat group for all the VHF/UHF/SHF bands for EME/Moonbounce This link is for getting a visual representation of what coverage your station/repeater would get by placing a circle on the map. You enter range anticipated and click your location on map and it shows your results This link is for RF line of sight mapping This link is good for checking your effective radiated output power of your station This link is for checking who has spotted/heard you This link is also good for checking who has spotted/heard you This link is good to see what satellites are currently active and being reported received This link is good for additional satellite information This link is good for finding frequencies for whatever is listed in your state,county, or city

Wyoming student Nicole's project — History of Communication' workshop

Morse Code and continuous wave changed the history of radio and communication  Telegraph & Morse Code Text

Wyoming student Noah — Business Studies: Broadcasting and Its History — radio and broadcasting class for a small group of 10-14 year olds

Ham Radio for Beginners: — All About Morse Code Signals and Telecommunications


Wideband shortwave radio receiver map - Linkfanel

Whether you are an experienced licensed ham radio operator who wants to hear what your signal sounds like somewhere else in the world or whether you are a person interested in shortwave or amateur HF radio but don't have a radio this application may be for you.

You can open the map and click on one of the markers somewhere in the world, India, New Zealand, Kenya or Denver where someone has placed a SDR (software defined radio) online for others to adjust and listen to.  Whether it is Phone, CW or Digital, this application has possibilities for you.

If you are a PC user the map may be located at

Or if you are a smart phone user go to your nearest app store and download


This app provides access to the Wideband Shortwave Radio Receiver Map (
The map locates worldwide sites of KiwiSDR shortwave receivers covering the spectrum of 1 - 30 MHz.
→ Hit a marker symbol to display a link to the chosen KiwiSDR receiver.
→ Follow the links to open the corresponding receiver view.
→ On the receiver view, tap the back button of your device to get back to the initial KiwiSDR map at any time.
→ On the map view, tap the back button to display a help & exit dialog.