Raspberry Pi Radio Set constists of: 

Rasp Pi 3B+
Fe-Pi sound card hat
HT (uv5r)
Mini-router (ar150)
SDR Receiver dongle
3 DC to DC buck converters
4 Relays
Battery, 9ah
2 SMA through mounts
1 SMA to SO239 through mount

Current Configuration

Pi Radio Set presently runs Direwolf APRS.
A file server and web server are run by the mini-router.
The HT is powered by one buck converter which is switched on by a relay controlled by the Rasp Pi.
The HT is keyed by a relay controlled by Direwolf running on the Rasp Pi. No more VOX!
The power to the Rasp Pi is another buck converter switched with a relay controlled by the mini-router's GPIO interface

Things you can do:

Cross band repeat
Remote base operations
Transmitter hunt beacon
Server hosted services (FTP, VOIP, ...)
Echolink or IRLP node
BBS Board
Whatever they come up with next - node