In accordance with the Heartland Hams, Inc. By-laws Article 4, Section 5, you are hereby notified that on January 19, 2022 at the Annual Meeting of Heartland Hams, Inc., an election will be held to elect new members to the Board of Directors.  The election will be conducted in accordance with Article 4 of the organizations by-laws which is included in this notice.

Members wishing to serve on the Board of Directors are encouraged to contact the Board Secretary, Chris Skinner to get your name placed on the ballot for any positions you wish to seek on the Board.



Section 1.  Eligibility.  Only those members holding a valid Amateur Radio Operators license issued by the U. S. Federal Communications Commission shall be eligible to serve on the corporate Board of Directors.  Only dues paid members are eligible to vote in the election of the board.

Section 2Ballot.  Prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, and immediately prior to voting for candidates, the Secretary shall accept the names of voting members, either personally or by written proxy, who have a desire to serve on the Board.  There will no nominations from the floor during the meeting.  When submitting their name for the ballot, the member will indicate which office he or she is running for.  A candidate may run for more than one office, but if elected to one, shall be ineligible for any others.  The Secretary shall make a determination that each candidate does, in fact, wish to serve.  The Secretary shall place the names of all candidates wishing to serve on separate ballots for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at Large.  To save meeting time, the Secretary may put the five ballots on one voting document.

Section 3.  Voting.    At the Annual Membership Meeting, The Secretary shall provide each voting member with a ballot upon which the member may record the names of the candidates he or she selects from the ballot list described in Section 3 of this Article.  The Secretary may advise the membership of candidates who submitted their names after the ballot was prepared.  Members may write in any such name on the appropriate ballot.  No other write-in names will be accepted when votes are counted.  The number of candidates selected on a ballot shall be no more than the number of candidates described in Section 1 of this Article.

Section 4.  Ballot Counting.  The ballots shall be counted by an election committee made up of the Board Secretary and any other voting members as selected by the President of the Board.  The candidate receiving the most votes for each office will be elected to that office.  The two Member at Large candidates with the most votes will be the two Members at Large.

Section 5.  Member Notification .  To assure that the membership is informed about the election process, The Secretary will send an Election Notice along with a copy of Article 4 of these By-laws to each member either by postal service or e-mail.   In addition, the Election Notice will be read at the November Meeting and, if held, December Meeting, prior to the Annual Meeting.

Heartland Hams

Responsibilities of Elected Officers


Lead the Board and the club membership to a successful year.

  1. Preside over the Board of Directors Meeting
  2. Preside over the Club Meeting
  3. Encourage and work with other Board Members to assure that the Board is successful in carrying out its duties.
  4. Foster member participation by creating committees to carry out specific activities of the club.
  1. Assume duties of the President in the Presidents absents.
  2. Develop an annual activities plan for the club.
  3. Assist the President in working with committees.


  1. Keep a current membership list and update it each year.
  2. Assure that all state corporate filings are completed in a timely manner.
  3. Keep accurate minutes for all Board meetings and have them available to the Board within 30 days after the Board meeting.
  4. Keep a record of attendance at each club meeting.
  5. Keep a briefly detailed record of each club meeting.
  6. Send out meeting notices to members via E-Mail at least 10 days prior to the meeting.
  7. Send minutes, updates to membership lists, Board Minutes, club meeting records and club notices to the Web Master.
  8. Select an election committee and coordinate the Annual election of Board Officers


  1. Maintain a corporate bank account at a Glenwood bank.
  2. Keep an accurate ledger of the organizations financial activities.
  3. Provide a financial report at each Board Meeting and Club meeting.
  4. Accept bills from vendors and from club members for approval and payment.
  5. Accept and Deposit club dues in the bank account.
  1. Consider issues and participate in making Board decisions relating to the business of the organization.
  2. Replace or fill in for President, V.Pres. Secretary or Treasurer, if position is vacated.