Why answer the the Question of the week?  Maybe you're just trying to see if you can remember the answer from a fuzzy memory of un-used information.  It might be you want to upgrade to Extra Class by passing a 50-question multiple-choice examination.

In addition to some of the more obscure regulations, the questions cover specialized operating practices, advanced electronics theory and radio equipment design. The questions in the "Question of the Week" are usually taken from the pool of questions that make up the Extra Class exam.

The HF bands can be awfully crowded, particularly at the top of the solar cycle. Once one earns HF privileges, one may quickly yearn for more room. The Extra Class license is the answer. Extra Class licensees are authorized to operate on all frequencies allocated to the Amateur Service.

This Weeks Question

In what direction is the magnetic field oriented about a conductor in relation to the direction of electron flow?
A. In the same direction as the current
B. In a direction opposite to the current
C. In all directions; omni-directional
D. In a direction determined by the left-hand rule



Last Week's Question

How can you determine if line noise interference is being generated within your home?

A. By checking the power line voltage with a time domain reflectometer

B. By observing the AC power line waveform with an oscilloscope
C. By turning off the AC power line main circuit breaker and listening on a battery operated radio
D. By observing the AC power line voltage with a spectrum analyzer