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 Heartland Hams - Meeting Notice  -    Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 7:00 P.M.
Mills County Engineering Building - Conference Room  403 Railroad Ave. Glenwood, IA 51534
Talk-In 145.290 NØWKF Repeater

PostHeaderIcon Informal Net Script


[***10 minutes before net*****]

Good evening. This is (call sign) The SW Iowa Heartland Hams Monday Night net will begin in 10 minutes on this repeater. If you need to make a quick call, please do so now.


[*** 7 PM ***]

This is (call sign & name) calling the SW Iowa Ares net. I will be net control tonight.  This net meets each Monday at 7 PM (1900) on the NØWKF repeater in Glenwood serving Southwestern Iowa. All amateurs are welcome to check in regardless of club affiliation or ARES membership. All amateurs are welcome to use this open repeater when it is not occupied by a scheduled net.

This is an informal net and is part of the ARRL field organization. The purpose of this net is to practice our communication skills in preparation for emergencies and to provide training in the procedures that would apply in actual emergencies. We conduct this net as a means to improve our communications skils and to get to know the amateur radio operators who participate.


Before we begin the net any station having emergency or priority traffic please call now.


****Pause and listen for emergency traffic**** 

Hearing no emergency or priority traffic we will continue.

*****Brief pause**** 

In the event we loose this repeater frequency our backup repeater is at 444.325 or we can use the Mineola repeater at 442.025 and in the event that we lose that one we will do our best on simplex at 146.52.

Please visit us on our web site at www.heartlandhams.org for additional information.

Is there anyone who would like to act as backup net control tonight? Please respond at this time.

*****Pause then acknowledge *******
Thank you.  (call sign ) will be acting as the backup net control.
All Radio Amateurs are invited to participate in this net.
When checking in call NET CONTROL, not my call sign), release the mike to pause and listen briefly to avoid doubling,  and then give your call sign, repeat it phonetically, then give your first name, your location and if you need to be in and out.


*****During severe weather season the following indented script should be added as an additional training tool*****

As a reminder . . . When we are running a Severe Weather Net, the reporting criteria are as follows:

1. Funnel on the ground with debris

2. Funnel cloud in the air

3. Wall cloud with rotation,

(be sure you know what a wall cloud looks like).

4. Hail including the size, 1” or larger (quarter size)

5. Very High Wind (car rocking, tree limbs falling) (58mph)

6. Heavy Rain (visibility less than ¼ mile)

7. Storm damage observed


Observations should include:

· Time that the condition was observed, if other than current

· Description of the condition

· Location of the reporting station (use common references) and relative location of the severe weather condition if different than this location. This should include the estimated direction and speed of the severe weather condition if possible.

· Description of damage and injuries


Observations SHOULD NOT include “Blue Sky Reports” such as “light rain here” or “Clear in the West” etc.


These criteria are listed in your SWIA ARES books under SEVERE WEATHER NET SOP

This is NET CONTROL - (call sign)

We will now accept check ins.  And remember call Net Control, pause then give 
your call sign, then give your call sign phonetically, then your name, then your 
location and if need to be in and out.


Log the checkins as they are transmitted (make sure they clear their stations when they are done


(Review those who checked in)


This is NET CONTROL - (call sign)


This is NET CONTROL. We will now go back through the list of those who have checked in and ask for your comments. Please remember to clear your station when you have completed your comments.

We will start with (1st on list)

***go through the list or partial lists and repeat as often as new check ins report. Remember to Identify your station at least every 10 minutes***

This is NET CONTROL - (call sign)

(Check with Backup Net Control on count an any other details confirming the NET)

I’d like to thank NØWKF, Dale who has provided the use of the repeater tonight for this net.

(Close the NET)